Surgical Instrument Cleaner Enzymes
Lipase, Amylase, Carbohydrase, and Protease enzymes.
Buy Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners with four Enzyme Cleaners: Lipase, Amylase, Carbohydrase, and Protease enzymes.
Buy Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners with Lipase enzymes cleaners, Amylase enzymes cleaners, enzymes cleaners  Carbohydrase, and Protease enzymes cleaners.
Four enzymes are necessary to breakdown bioburden on soiled surgical instruments. Surgical instrument cleaners that do not contain these four enzymes cannot remove all forms of proteinaceous bioburden. For the surgical instrument cleaning process to be thorough, four surgical instrument cleaner enzymes are needed, Lipase Surgical Instrument Cleaner Enzymes: for fat, Amylase Surgical Instrument Cleaner Enzymes: for starch, Carbohydrase Surgical Instrument Cleaner Enzymes: for high starches, and Protease Surgical Instrument Cleaner Enzymes for blood.
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No other Surgical Instrument Washer Detergent delivers the cleaning conditioning power you will receive from the all-in-ONE 4 Enzyme Surgical Instrument Washer Detergent, Surgical Instrument Lubricant , and we guarantee it. Lipase Enzymes breakdown fat) to cleave fatty acid residue from the glycerol residue in a neutral fat or a phospholipid. Amylase Enzymes breakdown starch) to catalyze the hydrolysis of starch to sugar to produce carbohydrate derivatives. Carbohydrase Enzymes breakdown starch to a lower level) to catalyze the hydrolysis of higher carbohydrates to lower forms. Protease Enzymes: (breakdown blood) including the proteinases and peptidases, to catalyze the hydrolytic breakdown of proteins.
The all-in-ONE high level enzyme complex is highly concentrated. The Dilution Rate is .25 ounces per gallon (1.92 ML per Liter). 1 ‘pump’ = .25 ounces when using the gallon jug dispenser. The .25 dilution rate delivers a higher level of enzyme and surface cleaning than the standard recommended dilution rates (.5 to 1 ounce per gallon) of other manufacturers. ONE Gallon can deliver 512 gallons of Surgical Instrument Cleaning AND Conditioning benefits: Neutral pH = as A measure of acidity or alkalinity numerically equal to 7. high level = highly concentrated dilution rate of .25 ounces per gallon, multi-tiered = Protease, Amylase, Lipase, and Carbohydrase enzymes, enzymatic formulation breaks down all forms of proteinaceous bioburden, surfactant chemical complex cleans the surface, conditioners enhance the stainless steel  “passive layer” to prevent corrosion and pitting, conditioners removes STAINS and mineral encrustation, conditioners ionic bonding lubricate moving parts leaving no visual spotting or film, conditioners treat the source water to counter the effects of hard water, conditioners rinse clean for free rinsing purity and optimal spotless cleaning.
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