Statim 2000 5000 tabletop countertop sterilizers autoclaves
Statim 2000 5000 tabletop countertop sterilizers autoclaves
Statim 2000 5000 tabletop countertop sterilizers autoclaves
Statim 2000 5000 tabletop countertop sterilizers autoclaves
Statim 2000 5000 tabletop countertop sterilizers autoclaves
Statim 2000 5000 tabletop countertop sterilizers autoclaves
BRAVO Table top Sterilizers
BRAVO Table top Sterilizer offer 9 minute sterilizer cycles
Reliable BRAVO table top and countertop sterilizers
Table top flash sterilizer cycles
BRAVO Table top Sterilizers
BRAVO Table top Sterilizer 9 minute sterilizer cycles.
The BRAVO Table top Sterilizers deliver reliable sterilizing cycles.
BRAVO Table top sterilizers low cost sterilizing costs.
The BRAVO Table top Sterilizer Countertop sterilizers are easy to use. BRAVO Table top Sterilizers offer rapid sterilizing cycles. 
Table top Sterilizers

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BRAVO Tabletop Sterilizers boost productivity 
BRAVO Tabletop Sterilizers delivers 9 minute sterilizer cycles.
The BRAVO Tabletop Sterilizers deliver reliable low cost sterilizer cycles.
BRAVO Tabletop Sterilizers
Today's challenge of infection control and the demands of modern patient treatment are met with SciCan's state of the art sterilization technology. In 1989, SciCan introduced the first STATIM Cassette Autoclave to the marketplace. Today, dental and medical practitioners in over 60 countries world wide rely on Statim to protect their patients and staff from infection from contaminated instruments.
Although Statim table top autoclaves sterilizers were originally developed for use in Dental applications, Statim delivers complete sterilization solutions for Endoscopy, Gynecology, Ophthalmology and other medical areas.
Since SciCan Statim table top autoclaves sterilizers have won several design and product awards in Canada and Europe. As sales continue to grow, several versions of innovative SciCan autoclaves have been introduced to thousands of dental and medical offices and hospitals throughout the world.
Effective BRAVO Table top Sterilizer
Statim tabletop autoclaves sterilizers biological and physical effectiveness has been proven in tests for hollow and solid instruments at many internationally recognized institutes including: University Hospital of London, Canada; Brooks Air Force Base, United States; The University of Liverpool, England; Institute Pasteur, France, and the University of Kiel, Germany.
Reliable BRAVO Table top Sterilizer sterilization
Statim tabletop autoclaves sterilizers provide a reliable sterilization system that's compact enough to fit in patient treatment areas, and fast enough to provide sterilization of instruments between patients. The Statim 2000 and 5000 take just 6 and 9 minutes, respectively, for a complete sterilization cycle. Light, thin walled cassettes promote rapid heating and cooling, further minimizing overall process time.
Table top BRAVO Sterilizer Gentle on instruments
Statim tabletop autoclaves sterilizers prolong the life of expensive and delicate instruments with gentle sterilization. The steam injector system provides temperature consistency and expels the air that causes oxidation in conventional autoclaves. Rapid heating and cooling dramatically cuts instrument exposure to heat. Also, a built in air pump flushes the chamber with filtered dry air, further reducing humidity. Independent tests show that carbide burrs sterilized in the Statim still easily meet manufacturer's specifications, even after 600 cycles.
Tabletop BRAVO Sterilizer Easy to use and maintain
Statim table top autoclaves sterilizers are fast, safe, and gentle means of sterilization. The keypad operation and helpful display-prompts make Statim user-friendly. It is also self-diagnosing - if a problem occurs, it will be indicated on the electronic display.
Simple BRAVO Tabletop Sterilizer operation
Insert the cassette containing the instruments in need of sterilization and then choose from one of three sterilization cycles, which are pre-set, from the front panel. The cycles include a Wrapped Instrument Cycle, Unwrapped Instrument Cycle, Rubber and Plastics Cycle, and (Statim 5000 only) a Heavy Duty Cycle. After a cycle is chosen and the start button is pressed, the steam generator heats to the optimum temperature. A defined volume of distilled water is then pumped and converted to steam. The wall of steam is injected into the pressure chamber and cassette, which is loaded with contaminated instruments. Air is purged as the steam courses through the cassette and is continuously expelled into a condenser flask.
Table top Sterilizers

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BRAVO Table top Sterilizers