HYDRIM Cleaning Solutions
Enzymatic HYDRIM Cleaning Solution Surgical Instrument Cleaning Detergent with Lubricant. The HYDRIM Cleaning Solution UPS ergo-2 is for use in HYDRIM Washers, (i.e.: L110w and M2). The all-in-ONE HYDRIM Cleaning Solution delivers: multi-tiered enzymatic detergent complex, stain removers for residue free cleaning, surgical instrument lubricant
100% biodegradable and phosphate free, neutral pH enhances surgical instrument stainless steel passive layer, and water softeners remove mineral encrustation.
The HYDRIM Cleaning Solutions cut costs.
The HYDRIM Cleaning Solutions clean residue free.
HYDRIM Cleaning Solutions deliver 4 Enzymes for the most effective cleaning.
Enzyme Cleaners (protease, amylase, carbohydrase, and lipase)
Detergent Cleaners (surfactant cleaners)
Lubricants (water soluble and free rinsing)
Surface Conditioners (strengthen the chromium passive layer of stainless steel)
The all-in-ONE HYDRIM Cleaning Solution Enzyme Detergent Lubricant Cleaners delivers the: highest concentration enzymatic detergent available, combined enzyme and detergent cleaning treatments that improve cleaning outcomes, increased performance of surgical instruments and an extended functional life span. The Neutral pH (7) HYDRIM Cleaning Solutions clean fast and residue free. The all-in-ONE HYDRIM Cleaning Solutions deliver the four enzymes that are necessary to break down all forms of proteinaceous bioburden and the surfactant detergents to clean the surface. The all-in-ONE is highly concentrated for faster cleaning and lower cleaning costs.
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Surgical Instrument Washer Disinfectors
Surgical Instrument Washer Surgical Instrument Washer Disinfectors
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